Premium eLiquid Base 1L DIY Mixing 90/10 Nicsalts-S eLiquid Base


Handmade e-liquid base using highest quality ingredients found in 7 years of experience in mixing e-liquid.

We don't mix big batches, each order is created individually to ensure you receive freshest mix as possible.

We only use high quality ingredients from REACH registered manufactures in UK.

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How to get perfect eLiquid mix ratio:


I want to make 100ml of my favorite flavor in ratio  80VG/20PG ratio which I want to have in the end including 10%(10ml/100ml) of flavor.

What I need:

Flavor 10ml (99% flavors on the market are PG based)

90/10 Base  90ml

As I'm adding 10% of flavor to 90/10 base, Pg ratio is rising to 20% and VG is dropping to 80 as we add 10% PG based flavor.

If you have any questions how to mix it I can provide you a precise calculations on any requirements


Vegetable Glycerin

Monopropylene Glycol

Nicotine Salts (Nicotine Salicylate) ph 4.8

"The primary function of organic salt acids in nicotine salts are to help the nicotine salt vaporize at lower temperatures, to lower the pH levels in the nicotine salt, to improve nicotine absorption and to provide a “smoother throat hit” either because of the lower pH or desensitization of the throat."

Many happy returning customers.

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Data sheet

Nicotine type
NicSalts (Nicotine Salicylate)
Direct to Lung - Big Clouds max 3mg

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